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This wiki is new and we don't have a large number of contributors yet. If you feel that there is a page you'd like to see here or if you want us to improve a page to cover more ground, just make a request.

To Make A Request

  • Click on "Edit" next to the "Requests:" subheading.
  • Create a new bullet (" * ") and type in a title followed by what content you would like inside it (Optional for new pages. Necessary for existing ones).
  • Leave behind your name if you want. We'd consider anonymous requests too, though.


  • Main Page- Add more contributors (Loca Cocinero)
  • Web Scraping
  • Jekyll
  • Theano
  • Django
  • Keras
  • ROS
  • iOS App Making
  • Vim
  • Guide to rooting / custom ROMs
  • Excel Programming
  • Software Testing in Software Development