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The following are the resources for the Python Workshop that was conducted by WnCC.


We insisted attendees to manually write i.e. copy down ~170 lines of code from the below attached images. After this exercise almost everyone had written a working TicTacToe program on their computer that they could get running. At this point most of the people understood basic commands in Python without having been taught anything. Ofcourse there were many doubts, which were cleared as we proceeded to lucidly explain the code line-by-line.


  • Important - For people using Python 3.x, you have to keep the following things in mind:
    • Instead of print "Hello World", you use print("Hello World"), i.e. parentheses are needed for print statement.
    • Wherever you see us use raw_input(), you use input().
    • Wherever you see us use xrange, you use range.

Given below are the images from which you are supposed to copy down the code-


Code for above images:

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