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Gulmohar Restaurant is located on the 2nd floor of the Gulmohar building inside the IIT Bombay campus. It serves good quality vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian and Chinese cuisines. They do free home-delivery inside the campus during dinner time as well.

Tel: 2572 2222

Ext: 2783

Menu (Reviews)

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Soups with Herbs and Spices

Item Price Information
Cream of Tomato 60 Thick tomato soup, with 3-5 croutons and a wisp of white cream
Cream of Mushroom 60 Split mushroom pieces in a cornflour syrup, with cream and herbs, slightly sweet
Cream of Spinach 65
Cream of Broccoli 95
Cream of Asparagus 95
Mulligtawany Soup 60 Lentil Soup, medium thick gravy
Tamatar Dhaniya Soup 95
Chicken Lemon Grass Soup 110
Chicken Peking Soup 110

Chinese Soup

Item Price Information
Veg Sweet Corn 72
Veg Manchow 72
Veg Hot & Sour 72
Lemon Grass Soup 72
Veg Peking Soup 72
Veg Oriental 72
Veg Lemon Coriander 72
Veg Clear 72 Broccoli, Cabbage and Carrots boiled in Saltwater. There is no sauce or cornflour used which makes the soup completely transparent and clear, hence the name.
Chicken Sweet Corn 92 Very soft chicken with sweet corn in cream
Chicken Red Pepper 98 Red gravy with lots of ginger and garlic, and chicken pieces of course
Murgh Pudina Shorba 98 Creamy green pudina gravy with plenty of tender chicken pieces.

Indian Starters

Item Price Information
Veg Hara Bara Kebab 95 Small corn and peas tikkis with green dhaniya chutney
Paneer Reshmi 130 Paneer in creamy mustard gravy, with capsicum, onion and tomato pieces, with cabbage side
Paneer Kurkure 130 Mashed paneer, made into flat tikkis, deep fried and coated with papad. Bland in taste. TIP: Ask for ketchup
Veg Crispy
Murgh Pahadi 169 Spicy green dry chicken
Murgh Rajasthani Kebab 195 Chicken breast turned into rolls with more minced chicken inside. Both types of chicken in the dish have a different and complimentary taste.

Indian Maincourse

Item Price Information
Alu Mutter Adraki 85
Veg Kadai 105
Veg Bahar 105
Tawa Veg 105
Nawabi Tarkari 130
Subzi Kalimiri 135
Veg Jaipuri 135
Dhingri Palak 135
Paneer Mutter 110
Palak Paneer 110
Paneer Makhani 115
Stuff Capsicum 120 2 Green Capsicums stuffed with green gravy. Slightly sweet to taste. Gravy contents unknown.
Stuff Tomato 120
Methi Chuka Jaipuri 140
Veg Do Abba 145 Mixed vegetable divided into two kinds of gravies, orange and green; you effectively get a 2-in-one subzi.
Chicken Kadai 165 Bone/Boneless chicken pieces in thick orange gravy
Chicken Lahori 220 Bone/Boneless chicken pieces in spicy red gravy/dry
Murgh Jalfrezi 170 Chicken in hot and sweet red gravy; also a bit tangy
Murgh Raj Darbari 295 Diced chicken boneless pieces split into two different kinds of gravy (orange and green). Advantage: You effectively get two different kinds of subzis.

Chinese Starters

Item Price Information
Roasted Chicken Chilly 160 Roasted chicken with thick soya garlic gravy (black) with pieces of onion and capsicum (red and green)
Veg Crispy 105 The most value for money starter out there.

Chinese Maincourse

Item Price Information
Chicken Schezwan 140 Bone/Boneless Chicken in Schezwan gravy


Item Price Information
Spaghetti Napolitana 180 Red gravy with grated cheese, and spaghetti
Zucchini Bell Peppers Pasta (Arabiata/White Sauce)) 190 Zucchini and Bell Pepper pieces with Penne Pasta, and fine minced cheese

Dal Items

Item Price Information
Dal Fry 65 Your everyday garden variety dal
Dal Palak 65 Some spinach leaves and flavor in normal dal

Tandoori Ke Batti Se

Item Price Information
Tandoori Roti 15
Tandoori Naan 28
Garlic Naan 37
Butter Garlic Naan 45 Butter makes everything better
Cheese Garlic Naan 80 Certainly overkill, especially pricewise. Avoid unless you're a cheesy boi.
Lacha Paratha 34
Methi Paratha 35 Methi leaves infused into a Paratha
Pudina Paratha 35
Rumali Roti 42 Very large thin roti (maida) folded and served cut into two halves. Recommended if you effectively desire lots of roti to finish your subzi.

Rice Items

Item Price Information
Kaju Ghee Pulao 105 Basmati Rice with lots of ghee and kaju. Very filling and mild to taste.

Chinese Rice Items

Item Price Information
Chicken Fried Rice 135 Fried Rice (white) with boiled and low-fried chicken pieces.

Chinese Noodles

Item Price Information
Chicken Chowmein 145 Thick white cornflour gravy with noodles and vegetables, bland. AVOID


Item Price Information
Kulfi Falooda 85 Pieces of Kulfi with sweet noodles and basil seeds (falooda) served in a Sundae glass/scoop. TIP: Ask to be served on plate.

Off-menu Dishes

Item Price Information
Chicken Dhuan 290 smoked tandoori chicken with gravy served on a hot pan over a banana leaf.