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Our community has made a number of blogs with excellent tutorials, hacks and guidelines. This article is a comprehensive list of tutorials arranged topicwise. All slides have been prepended with a [Slides] tag. All video tutorials with a [Videos] tag.


Scientific Computation / Writing

  • [Videos] MATLAB Workshop - Chinmay Rajhans - Two videos describing the basics of MATLAB and scientific computation using MATLAB.
  • [Videos] LaTeX Workshop - Chinmay Rajhans - Two videos teaching you basics of LaTeX and getting you started into professional document making.

Web Development

Open Source

  • [Slides] FOSS Intro - Ranveer Aggarwal, Kalpesh Krishna - The slides of our FOSS / GSoC session for Autumn 2015 and Autumn 2016.
  • [Slides] Git / Github - Kalpesh Krishna, Sumith Kulal - The slides of our Git / Github session for Summer 2015, Spring 2016, Summer 2016.
  • How to Select a GSoC Organization? - Meet Udeshi - A dilemma faced by several students in IIT Bombay. This blog explains the basic approach Meet followed and his suggestions while making the crucial decision of selecting one's GSoC organization.
  • GSoC Pre-Selection: Do's and Don'ts - Ranveer Aggarwal - What do mentors see in a participant while selecting them for GSoC? What skills should a participant posses and how is the selection done?
  • Terasology Getting Started - Nihal Singh - A beginners guide to contribution in Terasology, also an open source project.
  • Starting Bug Squashing in Mozilla - Manish Goregaokar

Network Security

Python Programming

  • Python Splicing - Kumar Ayush - An interesing discussion on the intuition behind splicing in python.

Machine Learning

  • Content to be added soon