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Web and Coding Club is one of the biggest clubs of IIT Bombay. As part of the Institute Technical Council, we aim to provide a gateway for people in our institute to join the coding community. We create a platform allows students to gain assistance and mentorship to enhance their coding ability. We try to propogate the enthusiasm for coding in the institute and especially amongst freshmen. We believe that every student here at IITB should have an opportunity to learn how to code and develop a passion for it. The secret of getting ahead is getting started and we help you get started!

Major Initiatives

  • Seasons of Code - Seasons of Code is a programme launched by the WnCC, along the lines of GSoC without much greenery though. The incentive of Summer Edition is that one can choose from the ideas offered by mentors who are senior undergrads, doctorate students or professors, and in some exceptional cases, startups. Some projects are individual while most are done as a group. The projects floated span several genres, including Development, Scientific Computation, and Machine Learning. The Winter Edition is shorter where some self-projects can be done. Here is a list of the Winter Projects floated this year.
  • Learner's Space - Under this initiative, WnCC started courses on Three of the most popular topics trending in Programming. These are structured courses with weekly content and assignments for anyone to get started in any of the three fields and get a well-rounded experience. Students who completed the courses with assignments were awarded certificates as well. Find the link to these free courses here.
  • CP@IITB - WnCC introduced a closed group for the Competitive coding enthusiasts. In the past, we have witnessed some exceptional performance in the field of competitive coding by the students of our institute. The idea is to encourage discussions between the experienced and budding competitive programmers and also, to encourage others to pursue competitive coding and become a part of this group. The group has been active with healthy discussions around questions, information about contests and essentially it gave a community to all the interested students.
  • Hello FOSS - Hello FOSS is a festival organised by WnCC, IITB to encourage the culture of Open Source in our insti. As you may know, Hacktoberfest fest, organised by Digital Ocean, is celebrated worldwide in the month of October to encourage participation in the open-source community. To keep up with its spirit, we organise Hello FOSS to help students of our insti to get started on their open source journey. Various open-source projects are launched from diverse fields such as ML, Web and App Development and, DSA. The projects have mentors allotted to help the participants. You can check out the projects from 2020 here.
  • Reflections - Reflections are our beloved series of informal events that aim to give one an idea of the breadth of Computer Science. These are mostly conducted in Hostel Lounges, where senior students discuss about their CS research projects and experience conducted as RnDs or internships. The problems discussed are usually very specific, but the discussion often covers an overview, providing a general understanding of the topic.

Getting Started

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