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Solomon Grundy,

Born on a Monday,

Christened on Tuesday,

Married on Wednesday,

Took ill on Thursday,

Grew worse on Friday,

Died on Saturday,

Buried on Sunday,

That was the end,

Of Solomon Grundy.

More seriously, Grundy is an initiative of the Web and Coding Club, one of the biggest clubs of IIT Bombay. As part of the Students' Technical Activities Body, we aim to provide a gateway for people in our institute to join the coding community. We create a platform which allows students to gain assistance and mentorship to enhance their coding ability. We try to propagate the enthusiasm for coding in the institute and especially amongst freshmen. We believe that every student here at IITB should have an opportunity to learn how to code and develop a passion for it. The secret of getting ahead is getting started and we help you get started!