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This article is a list of broad categories of events we conduct. Each of these link out to an article with a list of past events in that category along with relevant resources, if any.


  • Reflections - A series of informal talks conducted by senior students. The speaker describes his/her internship or research experience in CS or Programming related studies.

Workshops and Events

  • Talk on Machine Learning - An Industrial Approach of how it is used in Walmart Labs and other related industries. Further details can be found here.
  • Google I/O Extended - The Keynote was screened live at IIT Bombay by the Google Developers Group, Mumbai. It was followed by a brief interactive discussion on the topics introduced by the Google Technology. The event observed people even from outside the institute, it was fun watching and discussing about these developing ideas with like-minded people. The attendees were presented with pizzas, t-shirts and stickers.
  • ITSP Bootcamps - A series of hands-on sessions were conducted for the ITSP(Institute Technical Summer Project) 2016 activities:
    • Dual Booting Camp, Basics of Unix and Git
    • Introduction to Python
    • Introduction to Scientific Computing
    • Introduction to DBMS (SQL)
  • Introduction to Algorithms - The talk kicked off with a formal introduction about Competitive Coding, ACM-ICPC; followed by a lecture cum discussion on Algorithms by Shantanu Thakoor(former Manager - WnCC). This links to the slides.
  • Session on Freelancing - A two hour session hosted by Abhijit Tomar and Harshit Manocha on how to get started, develop skills for freelancing; how to get and manage clients in the process. Follow this blog post for more details.
  • Sessions on Information Security:
    • Introduction to CTFs - This was an introductory session on Capture The Flags(CTFs) and Information Security in general. The slides can be found here.
    • Ciphers - This session was addressed by Pradyot Prakash, specifically dedicated to Ciphers.
  • How to Train your Spider - An overnight hands-on session on Web Designing and Development, where attendees were made to create their static homepages using HTML5, CSS and Photoshop. This event saw the collaboration of WnCC with Institute Design Council and Mood Indigo, IIT Bombay.
  • Getting Started with Open Source - The session was addressed by a few GSoCers from ‘16 edition (including Kalpesh, Meet, Vishnu). They narrated their GSoC experience and Open Source in general, gave out some tips regarding the same. This was mainly intended to motivate the students for GSoC 2017. This links to the content of the talk.
  • Git/Github Workshop - This 2.5 hours long session was aimed at introducing Git and Github to the students for contributing to Open Source and making other collaborations.
  • Rattlesnake - An introductory hands-on session on Python followed by a series of Python problem sets released online to get beginners started.
    • How I use Python? - The introductory talk at the Python Hackathon (powered by FOSSEE) held at IITB, by Prof. Prabhu Ramachandran, on how he uses Python, and as he likes to call it "A Swiss-Army Knife for Programming"

General Championships and Hackathons

  • Hack.Weekender() - The introductory in-semester event targeted for freshmen comprised of two hands-on sessions on MIT App Inventor, followed by a 30 hour hackathon on the same platform. The first day was spent in conducting the Basic and Advanced sessions for the Hackathon at the end of which we got Pizzas for all. The following 30 hours were spent hacking, at the end of which we had 16 entries. Top 3 entries + 1 special mention were presented with Amazon gift cards.
  • SAP Codejam - The event kicked off by an introductory talk by Rahul Sachdeva, giving a basic feel about SAP, and their products. After this, Krishna walked the participants through the SAPUI5, it's features, and documentation. This was followed by an ideation session, where participants were split into teams, and had to come up with their app ideas, after which we broke into Pizzas and Coke for lunch. The afternoon was spent hacking apps and the winner was decided after a presentation process.
  • Coding General Championship 2016 - A 3.5 hours long inter hostel competitive coding event was hosted on HackerRank. Hostels 3, 4 and 5 emerged out as the top 3.
  • Hack For Change - WnCC had the privilege of co-sponsoring an 8 hour Hackathon by the Intertrust group, held at The Garage, Lower Parel. It was a fun, day-long event, where they provided WiFi, power, food while the participants(around 20 teams) hacked their way out of the suggested problem statements. The IITB team Friesenberg(comprising of the Kalpesh and Ayush), emerged fourth in the end. In the end, we’re glad to have made a worthy collaboration with Intertrust for future prospects.
  • Yahoo! Japan HACK U - We helped Yahoo! Japan organize a 12 hour hackathon. It was an open theme hackathon, where teams integrated hardware and software to make hacks that made our daily lives easy. The first prize was a trip to Japan. Two additional monetary prizes were given to teams with the most innovative and fun idea, and the most technically challenging idea. The CMO of Yahoo! Japan, Shin Murakami was present for the closing ceremony and prize distribution.


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