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Our community has made a number of blogs with excellent tutorials, hacks and guidelines. This article is a comprehensive list of tutorials arranged topicwise. All slides have been prepended with a [Slides] tag. Many of these slides were used in events documented under Event Resources. All video tutorials with a [Videos] tag.


Online Communities

General Programming

Scientific Computation / Writing

  • [Videos] MATLAB Workshop - Chinmay Rajhans - Two videos describing the basics of MATLAB and scientific computation using MATLAB. This workshop has been conducted in IIT Bombay in Autumn 2013, 2014 and 2015.
  • [Videos] LaTeX Workshop - Chinmay Rajhans - Two videos teaching you basics of LaTeX and getting you started into professional document making. This workshop has been conducted in IIT Bombay in Autumn 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Web Development

Open Source

  • [Slides] FOSS Intro - Ranveer Aggarwal, Kalpesh Krishna - The slides of our FOSS / GSoC session for Autumn 2015 and Autumn 2016.
  • [Slides] Git / Github - Kalpesh Krishna, Sumith Kulal - The slides of our Git / Github session for Summer 2015, Spring 2016, Summer 2016.
  • How to Select a GSoC Organization? - Meet Udeshi - A dilemma faced by several students in IIT Bombay. This blog explains the basic approach Meet followed and his suggestions while making the crucial decision of selecting one's GSoC organization.
  • GSoC Pre-Selection: Do's and Don'ts - Ranveer Aggarwal - What do mentors see in a participant while selecting them for GSoC? What skills should a participant posses and how is the selection done?
  • Terasology Getting Started - Nihal Singh - A beginners guide to contribution in Terasology, also an open source project.
  • Starting Bug Squashing in Mozilla - Manish Goregaokar - A beginner's guide (slightly outdated, but much of it still holds) to contribution in Mozilla, an open source organization.

Network Security

Software Development

  • Basic Python Commands - Arpan Banerjee - Details some of the most basic and used Python commands.
  • Python Splicing - Kumar Ayush - An interesing discussion on the intuition behind splicing in python.
  • Android Blog - Bijoy S Kochar - A very good tutorial which covers up the basics and also provides custom libraries for basic functions like internet access, file i/o and JSON parsing.

Machine Learning

Embedded Programming

  • AVR Programming - Krish Mehta, Pranav Sankhe, Sanket Agrawal - Learn the concepts of AVR Programming through this tutorial.
  • Arduino Programming - Krish Mehta - Learn Arduino right from the basics through this tutorial.
  • Raspberry Pi - Arunabh Ghosh, Meet Udeshi, Darshan Tank - Get started with using Raspberry Pi though this tutorial.

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